When beer guys make cider


Cider, and a bloody good one at that. Think of this more as an apple-ly and sweet beer and you’ll have your flavour.

I’m so excited when ciders are like eating a bag of lollies like some are now days (*cough* Somersby *cough*). This cider is quite cloudy, a bit sour, a bit earthy and a whole lot of flavour. The earthy flavours match the rest of the Blackman’s beer range that I tried and outside of making sense brand-wise, makes my tastebuds very happy.

“A cloudy, fruity, left of centre, unfiltered cider, Winnie is a little bit C-R-A-Z-Y! A dry style that has a tart, effervescent finish,” writes the description on Blackman’s website.

I agree with that synopsis and if you find yourself in Torquay or at a stockist, it’s worth taking a one-can break from the beers and get on the cider.


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