Jabra Elite 8 Active is my new go-to running headphones


I’m an avid runner. I’m not very fast and I don’t run very far, but I do it often enough to need equipment that lasts. I’ve spent way too much money burning through cheap shoes before eventually getting a high-quality pair, same with shirts, shorts and headphones. But now I’ve landed on the go-to running headphones, the Jabra Elite 8 Active.

Jabra’s new addition to its Active range, the Elite 8 Active, has set a new standard for durability and fit. Touted as “the toughest earbuds”, I would have to agree, I’ve thrown these things through the ringer and they’re still chirping away.

These earbuds have passed all the required tests for the US Military Standard for Ruggedized Electronics (810H), proving they withstand everything from humidity and high temperature to rain and altitude. They are completely watertight when submerged up to 1.5m, they’re IP68 rated, meaning that they are fully dust and waterproof, whilst the charging case is IP54 rated to be dust and splashproof.

I don’t want to gross readers out too much but I’m quite sweaty, especially on a hot summer’s day run, and I’ve burnt through countless headphones (both cheap and expensive) because of it. I was using a competitor’s running headphones before I tried the Jabra Elite 8 Active and after just a couple of months of use, the circuitry was fried and I had to bin them.

When reading up on how these new Jabra headphones can withstand the elements, I’m not surprised. Jabra even put the Elite 8 Active buds through their paces with Highly Accelerated Corrosion Testing (HACT). This requires the earbuds to pass 11 full cycles of testing, including enduring two hours in 40°C temperatures with 93% humidity, going through a 15-minute splash test in salt water and surviving a 15-minute 40°C heat drying test, to successfully prove their anti-corrosion credentials.

A lot of other running headphones opt for an over-the-ear hook/handle/cradle design that loops over the ear to hold into place. When using the Elite 8 Active, I was worried that a simple in-ear design would send the little buds flying during a jog, especially if there’s sweat falling on them. I’ve been on several runs since getting the unit and haven’t had that issue once. Jabra ensures they stay in your ear with their ShakeGrip technology so it’s more than just a coincidence.

‌But what’s a headphone without quality audio? The embedded Dolby Audio delivers lifelike, clear sound for a longer and more comfortable listening experience. The headphones also work with the accompanying Jabra app which is easy to use so I can boost the bass for some heavier running music or set it to neutral for a slow, podcast-y run.

The Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) automatically optimises the ANC performance to the environment you’re in. Wind Neutralizing HearThrough technology also muffles any wind interference without blocking out traffic, ensuring safety without compromising on steady sound.

The Jabra Elite 8 Active is available in selected retailers from AU$329 and is available in caramel, navy, black and dark grey. Find out more on their website here.


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