Bundy releases the Campfire smooth blend


Bundaberg Rum is firing up with a new addition to the line-up, launching Bundaberg Campfire – A Blend of Aged Reserves and Bourbon Barrel Finished Rum. Following Bundy’s successful limited edition Winter Campfire liquids, with more experimental and indulgent flavours, the award-winning distillery is getting around a new blend that is here to stay.

Introducing Bundaberg Campfire – A Blend of Aged Reserves and Bourbon Barrel Finished Rum Crafted from the finest Aged Reserves, blended with Rum allowed to rest in Bourbon Barrels, this welcome addition to Bundaberg’s permanent repertoire tastes different because it is different. Mellower than the mayor of Mellowtown, if traditional Bundaberg UP isn’t your first choice, this smooth rum is for you.

“We know customers are looking for new innovations within the dark spirits category and this Bundy Campfire is the perfect answer. It features a harmonious and complex balance between the rum’s toasted caramel and vanilla notes, complimented by burnt sugar and toffee aromas which make this a great drink to be shared between real mates,” Bundaberg Rum blending and innovation manager Sarah Watson says.

“This is a delicate blend for us that is mellow and smooth thanks to the work of those lightly charred Bourbon barrels. We’re thrilled to be bringing out a product that introduces Bundy fans and Bourbon drinkers to a new and exciting flavour profile.”.

Mellower than a tradie when it’s raining, Bundaberg Campfire is best enjoyed neat over ice or with a splash of cola, surrounded by good company around the crackling fire, beachside or at your mate’s place for a barbeque.

This Bourbon Barrel Finished blend will be available to purchase nationally from August 2023 for $55 (700ml, 37% ABV) at all major retailers, joining the permanent Bundy product range.


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