SureCan brings safer and more efficient re-fuelling


SureCan has brought safer and more efficient re-fuelling with a unique way to refuel machinery and equipment.

While all other fuel cans on the Australian market fill and pour from the top, SureCan offers SureCan features two openings, one at the top for filling and one at the bottom for dispensing fuel.

“SureCan is part of the next generation of fuel cans that reduce manual handling, prioritising safety when you re-fuel power equipment,” Mayo Hardware category manager Matthew Tojic says.

“By dispensing fuel from the bottom of the container, you do not have to raise the container higher than needed. This prevents awkward lifting and tipping of the fuel container to dispense fuel.”

Whether it is re-fuelling a lawnmower, large machinery or a vehicle, pouring petrol or diesel straight from a can is messy and risky, and the weight of a fuel can may be a challenge while the potential for fuel lost through spillage and accidental ignition are ever present.

With SureCan, its pouring spout can be rotated down into the tank to be filled, eliminating any spillage and also indicating that it is appropriately positioned to dispense the fuel. It also has a safety trigger release system that provides the user 100% control over the flow of fuel and allows for a smooth flow of fuel during the dispensing process.

Venting underneath the handle removes the glugging and jerking of fuel which can occur with other cans during the dispensing process. Its vent allows fuel vapour to escape at the top of the can, at a point furthest away from a hot engine, which reduces the risk of vapour ignition.

Available in four models, an eight-litre and 19L versions for both petrol and diesel, SureCan is ideal for a range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

SureCan meets a variety of certification requirements, including AS/NZS 2906-2001 in Australia and New Zealand and D.O.T, OSHA, UN and CARB internationally.


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