NON: Hand-crafted Australian non-alcoholic wine right in time for summer


NON beverages is an Australian non-alcoholic wine company that has released a full range of drinks just in time for summer and there’s a flavour for everyone.

Unlike some other non-alcoholic wines, NON isn’t trying to mimic the traditional taste we associate with wine and instead focus on curating new and interesting flavours. Merging techniques and ingredients found within fine-dining kitchens across Europe, NON’s innovation represents the future for drinks.

NON was kind enough to send ManSpace magazine some samples and it has been exciting to see what combinations they come up with when I check the labels (yes, it’s exciting to read the labels, trust me).

The brainchild and founder, Aaron Trotman, unleashed in 2019, NON’s unique 0.0% ABV was a response to the need to produce a worthy alternative to wine – on a mission to have the glass half full with or without food that everyone can enjoy. A NON-negotiable for every drinking occasion.

“The ingredients are the unsung hero of NON, but overall, we’ve created a look and feel you’d regularly associate with fine-dining menus. NON is indifferent to the rules and irreverent in attitude, resulting in a depth of flavour that’ll fancy any palate,” he says.

Out of their purpose-built site based in Melbourne, Australia, NON is committed to the notion of ‘leave the place better than you found it’. With a sustainable kitchen and laboratory, ethical ingredient sourcing, and ongoing community support, NON is shaping a future for the better. All products are made with 100% green energy before being shipped carbon-neutrally, and the makers use as much of the raw ingredients as possible during processing – any leftover matter, NON take advantage of Melbourne City Council’s green waste program. NON uses 75% less water wastage compared to traditional beverage manufacturing.

But now for the main event, what are the best flavours, the ones to check out:

NON1 – Salted Raspberry and Chamomile

We’ll start off with my favourite of the bunch, a sparkling wine that perfectly balanced both sweet and salty. Ideal as a spring sipper (something I made the most out of when the sun was shining), it’s a tart drink that just tastes like a good time.

NON recommend it be paired with creamy desserts, cured meats and citrus salads.

NON3 – Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu

The next flavour that grabbed my attention was the Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu, a bitter, tart and slightly savoury bottle. This one was less spring-y than the NON1 as it’s an all-around drop with unique citrus notes.

NON5 – Lemon Marmalade and Hibiscus

One of the more interesting bottles is the NON5, a floral mix of lemon marmalade and hibiscus flower. This is one of the more mature bottles in the range, targeted towards a post-work aperitif or a late-night tipple.

NON recommends this bottle goes with rich food like a spicy curry or stewed lamb.

The NON range also features the following:

  • NON2 – Caramelised Pear and Kombu
  • NON4 – Roasted Beetroot and Sansho
  • NON6 – Tomato Water and Basil
  • NON7 – Stewed Cherry and Coffee

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