Elijah Craig drops award-winning Kentucky straight rye whiskey down under


From ‘The Father of Bourbon’, Elijah Craig, is a new, extra-aged dark spirit: Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey. An exciting, extra-aged Rye offering from the award-winning Elijah Craig family. This best-in-class blend, available at Boozebud, is destined to delight (and challenge) the most discerning whiskey drinkers.

Elijah Craig Rye is made as a traditional American Straight Rye Whiskey with 51% rye, 35% corn and 14% malted barley. This combination of grains – which relies heavily on corn as a secondary grain, rather than a higher percentage of rye – has been the primary Rye mashbill used by Kentucky Bourbon distilleries since the immediate post-prohibition era. This is the same mashbill responsible for the Rye resurgence we are witnessing today, amongst brands and consumers alike.

“Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey’s unique blend of spicy rye grains and sweet corn gives it the perfect balance of flavour and smoothness,” Heaven High Distillery master distiller Conor O’Driscoll says.

“Heaven Hill Distillery’s commitment to quality has helped set the stage for rye’s resurgence by carefully curating the balance of grains that consumers have come to desire. Elijah Craig Rye celebrates the heritage of Rye Whiskey in Kentucky and adds another high-quality option to an award-winning line up of specially crafted whiskeys.”

Elijah Craig Rye is distinctly chestnut in colour, with on-the-nose notes of dark chocolate, spices and a subtle hint of smoke. To taste, you get an initial hit of rich baking spices coupled with the warmth and sweetness of honey, before this transitions to a smooth oak finish. An overall buttery mouthful.

Extra-ageing is a tenet of the evolving Elijah Craig suite of spirits, and Elijah Craig Rye is no exception. This process is a hallmark of the brand which ensures greater complexity in taste and a more full-bodied spirit with a long and lingering finish. Elijah Craig Rye not only has the same greatness within, it’s packaged in the same iconic bottle, distinguished by face, side, and neck labels with earthy green features.

“We are so pleased to expand the Elijah Craig trademark in Australia through the launch of Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey,” Amber Beverage Australia head of marketing Tanya Mah explains.

“While tapping into the recent resurgence and growth of the rye whiskey category, we’re offering something that is distinctive and exciting, to stand out in the market, yet crafted with the same dedication and expertise that has defined Elijah Craig for generations.”

Elijah Craig was known for his pioneering spirit, honoured through the making of Elijah Craig Bourbon and now, Rye. Having founded his own distillery in 1789, Elijah Craig is credited as the first to char oak barrels to make Bourbon. This heritage lives on today through the award-winning lineup of Elijah Craig selection of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskies, spreading its distinctive and satisfying taste here in Australia.


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