Two whisky-making nations collide in the latest limited release from Kentucky Owl


We know scotch and bourbon share a very rich history, but the latest limited edition release from premium distillers, Kentucky Owl, has just proved as much. The highly anticipated Maighstir Edition is reinventing traditional whiskey while paying homage to the centuries-old craft. And it’s with the help of one very revered master blender – Maureen Robinson – that Kentucky Owl are likely looking at another sell-out spirit when this bottle drops in May 2024.

This is a collaboration that encompasses not just the art of blending itself, but the distinct flavours now synonymous with scotch and bourbon. On the nose of the Maighstir Edition is a sweet scent of small grains (wheat and barley) with a hint of caramel and vanilla. However, to taste, you get the initial hit of warmth and spice from the rye, which transitions to more citrus-forward flavours of orange and grapefruit as it melts in the mouth for a very velvety finish.

Maighstir (pronounced may-stir) directly translates to ‘master’ in Gaelic. An apt and authentic nod to the spirit that is set to delight the most discerning of whisky drinkers. This new release has been dubbed a very unique blend that cannot be repeated: four-year-old, five-year-old, eight-year-old and nine-year-old Kentucky straight bourbons with mash bills containing corn, wheat, and malted barley. All of which is carefully selected to create a robust and well-balanced scotch-whisky-meets-bourbon experience.

Maureen Robinson’s illustrious career to date, with 45-plus years of scotch whisky experience, and one of
the first women in the industry to earn the title of master blender, brought a level of confidence to the
collaboration: “I was inspired by Kentucky Owl’s forward-thinking mindset; wanting to capitalise on
current consumer interest in craft spirits. The Maighstir Project was a bit of an experiment. One that was
incredibly enjoyable to be immersed in, and I think the final product really speaks to our combined
creativity and love of dark spirits.”

Kentucky Owl boasts a very colourful history: barrels of the liquor are rumoured to have been seized by
the US Government in the prohibition era, followed by a decades-long hiatus. But since the brand’s
acclaimed re-inception, the imaginative batches of bourbon produced have helped to elevate industry
standard. Maighstir Edition is another limited release in a long line of excellence.

Indulge in the known wisdom and knowledge of fine whiskey from Kentucky Owl. The Maighstir
Edition is best enjoyed neat or served over ice. Find this extremely limited blend online at


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