DIY ‘man cave’ tips for the perfect home escape


Benny from The Block is giving expert advice on how to start your own contemporary man cave.

Replace the Playboy calendars and poker tables with an all-around music, TV, party, workshop and sports room.

“Building a man cave from scratch is a big task but converting a garage to a man cave is a way to make the job budget-friendly, and well within the skillset of the average DIYer,” Benny says.

First you need to work out how big of a space you’re working with. Measure up, get some graph paper and work out how you might use it.

Then decide all the fittings. How many power points and lights are needed? Will you need heating or cooling? Will your man cave have a sound system, bar fridge or computer? These are all important questions to ask yourself when getting started.

“After deciding on your budget and how you will use the space, it’s time to de-clutter and give the garage a good vacuum to create a blank canvas. An industrial vacuum cleaner from Kennards Hire makes this easy,” Benny explains.

One of the more important aspects is insulating the room and soundproofing. Good insulation will make your man cave more comfortable, all year round, and helps reduce heating and cooling costs. Insulation will also reduce noise transfer to give you some peace and quiet.

For the finishing touches: “Paint is a cheap and easy way to achieve the look you want for your man cave – whether you’re going for a bright and airy studio or a bar after dark vibe. If you have a large area to cover or you just want to speed up the job, an airless sprayer can speed things up,” Benny says.

“Finish off by furnishing the space. A pool table, a bar, surround sound TV, bookshelves, a piano, a potter’s wheel … the only limit is your imagination and your budget.”


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