Oztent releases the world’s first non-electric heat adjustable sleeping bag


Oztent has launched the Oztent Redgum Hotspot Heated Sleeping Bag XL, the world’s first non-electric head adjustable sleeping bag.

The new sleeping bag uses aerospace sleep research so that the sleeping bags can maximise outdoor sleep comfort by applying up to six HotSpot pouches above core active heating locations on the body.

Campers can adjust the bag to achieve the optimal level of warmth and comfort for their sleep requirements.

Unlike an electrical mechanism, a HotSpot pouch gives users ‘heat normality’, meaning it releases the most warmth when activated, as the camper goes to bed, then evenly and gradually releases heat into the bag throughout the night to synchronise with the camper as their temperature normalises.

The OZTENT HotSpot is a unique reusable heat pouch that can heat up to 53°C in seconds and has been tested for up to 500 uses.

And it can be used in more than just the sleeping bag, HotSpot technology is available in a range of OZTENT chairs as well, keeping camping enthusiasts warm in the colder months.

“We are very excited about our REDGUM HOTSPOT™ HEATED SLEEPING BAG and see it as great way to encourage many more Aussies to go camping during the winter months,” Oztent Group chief executive Luke Eather says.

“While winter camping is already popular in Europe and the States, where HotSpot is well received, we believe that this year we will see considerably more people wanting to explore the bush over the cooler months; and we are making it even more attractive to them.”


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