Ink Gin


Ink GinAt Husk Plantation Distillery the botanicals are prepared and measured, then placed in our hand beaten copper pot still. We add 100% Australian grain spirit and the purest water that originally fell as rain over the volcanic rocks of the caldera.

Ink Gin is carefully pot distilled in small batches, tasted regularly for quality, and bottled by hand.

Brewer’s Tasting Notes: Ink Gin was created in the Northern Rivers of NSW after a global voyage of botanical discovery.

Learning of an exotic flowering legume with curious colour changing properties, Husk Distillers set out on a journey to capture the essence of that flower in a drink.

The result would turn the most traditional spirit upside down.

Style: Gin ABV: 43% 


Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris

"I’m feeling blue"

At first sight, I found the spirit’s deep blue colour quite off-putting but as soon as the cap was popped I realised I was in for a real treat. This is quite possibly the most aromatic gin I’ve ever tried. It’s more floral than an old lady at a Sunday market – and somehow that’s a good thing. I’d happily spend some quiet time with a bottle of this stuff. It’s smooth, interesting and quite delicious.

Would I buy it again? Most definitely.

Paul Skelton
Paul Skelton

“A bolt from the blue”

You could be forgiven for thinking that Ink Gin is a gimmick. After all, it is dyed blue. But gimmicks are typically cheap tricks designed to mask a rubbish product. So ‘gimmick’ isn’t really appropriate when describing Ink Gin.

The aroma of this gin is simply amazing. The blue colouring is actually not at all unattractive. And the flavour? I think I’m in love.

Move aside Hendricks, I may have just found my new favourite gin.

Would I buy it again? I plan to never be without it again.