UDL gets a facelift, throws it back


An Aussie icon, the UDL pre-mix can has been gracing our backyards, pubs and clubs since 1965 and just recently, it got a facelift with bright, bold colours bouncing off some retro shapes for a vintage-looking can.

The good people at United Distillers were kind enough to send us a care package of UDLs with every flavour in their range and a neat, sky blue sunglasses strap to match. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one in the office who had fond memories for UDLs and the box was a lot smaller on the way home than it was initially, oh well.

The thing with UDLs though is that we’ve all had them at one point in our lifetime. Some might even have very nostalgic feelings about the premix 375ml can. Now, the nostalgia comes to you and it comes back looking as good as ever.

As UDL writes: “The philosophy for the redesign was to take inspiration from the past – the retro shapes and vibrant colours that dominated decades gone by when UDL was in its heyday.

“If the recent spike in scrunchie and denim jacket sales tells us anything, it’s that what’s old will always be new again. It’s hard to not feel a little nostalgic when opening a UDL pack.”

Coming in a range of flavours including passionfruit, pineapple, watermelon, orange, raspberry, green apple, mixed berry zero sugar or lemon lime & soda, lime & soda, tropical, strawberry lime zero sugar, there’s something for everyone.

UDL, its fruity flavours and spunky new can design can be found across the country at leading beverage retailers.


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