Top 10 Worst Cover Songs

  1. Madonna – American Pie

Why does this cover exist? Was Madonna planning a music apocalypse with this release? Perhaps she recorded this when everyone thought the world was going to end on 31 December 1999?

The team here at ManSpace have no words for this travesty; but, what we will say is that that the production is awful and the close ups of random people (that we assume represent hardworking ‘Merica) staring make us cringe so hard our eyeballs go into the back of our head.

To answer Madge’s question of ‘Do you believe in rock’n’roll’? After listening to this, not so much.

2. U2 – Fortunate Son

One of the top comment in this video sums it up pretty nicely – is this some sort of crime? Fortunately for Bono, it isn’t. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Bono and his U2 goons still walk the streets knowing that they put out this atrocity.

(If anybody knows how to actually make this a crime, please let us know.)

3. Limp Bizkit – Faith

I feel like I have to point out that Limp Bizkit has done good things in their career but oh lordy, this cover of George Michael’s hit Faith ain’t the bizness. Unfortunately, this pop/rap-rock fusion just doesn’t tickle the ear drums like you’d want it to.

4. Big & Rich – You Shook Me All Night Long

This take on an AC/DC classic is a disaster. You’d think that a country version actually wouldn’t be that bad but yeah…it’s not great. We get the feeling that Brian Johnson and the rest of AC/DC actually went all night long whereas Big & Rich struggled to get past foreplay.

5. William Shatner – Mr Tamborine Man

We know it’s legit, but this is could well be seen as an almighty piss-take. In other words, it’s Shatner being Shatner. This cover is so bad it’s funny and not much else can be said.

(We love you, Bill. Denny Crane for life!)

6. Jessica Simpson – These Boots Were Made For Walking

As the wand said to the wizard; give me a spell! Nancy Sinatra would be livid that she’s associated with this sort of tripe. You also have to feel for Willie Nelson who had to record this alongside Jessica and then re-live the nightmare by making an even worse video clip.

7. Britney Spears – I Love Rock’n’Roll

It’s still not confirmed if we love rock’n’roll after hearing this. Maybe we’re being harsh with this pick but it just feels like there’s something missing. Britney’s pop voice certainly doesn’t suit the exhilarating delivery that Joan Jett & the Blackhearts gave us.

8. Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Oh, Marilyn… way to butcher an absolute classic. The real problem here is that he was trying so hard to make it sound good, and it just doesn’t. ‘Some of them want to abuse you’? Well mate, you’ve abused our ears.

9. Hillary Duff – My Generation

We’ll give her credit because she’s possibly the only Disney star to not lose her marbles but dear lord, what the hell is this? There isn’t one redeeming quality about this cover whatsoever – it’s unforgivable.

10. Hot Rod Circuit – Gin And Juice

Snoop Dogg probably doesn’t know this exists and is probably too busy (read: ‘stoned’) to care, but we do and that’s enough for a mention. Hot Rod Circuit tried to emulate the laid back and cool vibe of the original but it’s nothing short of sphincter tightening. Leave it to a white guy to ruin something.



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