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Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits, the world’s most awarded non-alcoholic spirits company in the world, has launched its Highland Malt drop and ManSpace magazine was lucky enough to get its hands on a bottle.

I haven’t played around in the non-alcoholic spirit world so I didn’t know what to expect. Non-alc beers and wines have grown a lot in the past few years so I was excited to see what all the fuss is about in the spirit section.

The Lyre’s Highland Malt didn’t have the same kick or signature taste when drank ‘on the rocks’ but when used as a basic mixer or in a mocktail, it worked wonders.

By itself, it struggles to impress as it just doesn’t have the same bite and warmth as whisky. However, where it excels is in a classic or cocktails. You have to pour it a bit heavier than you usually would whisky but the Lyre’s Highland Malt in a glass with soda water or cola is incredible.

When trying it in a mocktail, I went with the classic whisky sour and it was splendid. The sourness of the lemon obviously takes the show, as it does in a regular sour, but the bitterness of the drop comes through here.

Lyre’s describe the taste as having a “lovely depth in flavour with the influence of oak tannin and nutty grain characters. The subtle smoke contributes to a lift in the palate and balances the length which is firm and full.”

While I think that’s true when mixed with something else, I’d recommend people use this as their go-to in mocktails from here on out.

The Highland Malt has been meticulously created by Lyre’s flavour architect, David Murphy who adds: While Lyre’s spirits are true to taste, they have their own distinction as a premium non-alcoholic beverage, and therefore understanding the popularity of whisky we wanted to deliver the same delicious taste but with a difference.

“Whether served neat or in mixers, whisky is a firm favourite for many around the world and understanding this, we’ve worked tirelessly to study the aromas and tastes that whisky fans most enjoy, to deliver the Highland Malt.

“People who enjoy the taste of a great whisky can experience our non-alcoholic version in occasions where it would otherwise be just featuring the alcoholic equivalents – it extends the occasion to more people more often.”

All in all, great job by Lyre’s, non-alcoholic spirits aren’t as refined as the other drinks in this space and this is an excellent bottle.

When it comes to bottle/label design, one of my favourite aspects of the ‘In the Drink’ reviews at ManSpace, the Lyre’s gets a passing grade from me. That’s not a detriment, it’s a clean bottle with a very cute caricature of a Scottish Scotch Terrier, fitting nicely with the highland element of the whisky.


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