Poolside DDH IPA is made for summer


Big Drop Brewing, an award-winning non-alcoholic brewery, has added to its range with the Poolside DDH IPA. The double dry-hopped IPA is a citrusy hop-fest, minus the headache the next morning.

Ideal for the warmer weather, the Poolside boasts pineapple and citrus aromas underpinned by a pine and herby bite. One of the knocks on non-alcoholic beers is that they can lack the punch and pizzazz that a full-strength can have. Like all the brews in Big Drop’s range, this isn’t the case and with a 62 IBU rating, it’s full of flavour.

I’ll definitely be giving the DDH IPA another try in the future but with so many different brews in their range, why not try out more. As non-alcoholic breweries get better at replicating the intricacies of craft beer, I’m looking forward to seeing what Big Drop do next. It’s rare to find a good DDH IPA but we have one right here.

In terms of can design: no complaints here. I love the consistent style and this one is a slight colour variation, fitting in nicely with the range.

All in all, another great brew in a long line of others for Big Drop.


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