PlantWater: shaking up the hydration game


PlantWater has released its line of mineral-rich vitamin water that aims to be an alternative to everyday, mundane refreshments. Coming in with an additional 18 natural ingredients including chlorophyll, magnesium, and folate, PlantWater promotes total body wellness.

The water can boost immunity and energy levels while promoting cell recovery and aid with cognitive function.

The hero ingredient, chlorophyll, possesses anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifies the digestive system, stimulates weight loss and interestingly, is a natural deodorizer for the human body. Magnesium, Vitamin C, Potassium and Iron also sit atop the list of added nutrients that are going to enhance your glow and physical gusto from the inside out.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to improve how we feel, physically and mentally, though no tablet or ingestible powder can provide the immediate sense of satisfaction that follows from drinking PlantWater,” PlantWater founder Jordan Coulter says.

“We’ve created a beverage that reflects the times; harnessing the power of plants and taking a much more holistic approach to hydration because you can choose wellness day in and day out.”

Forever chasing purity in all that we consume, this new beverage crafted from the life source of plants has us feeling refreshed and revitalised at first glance, thanks to its glowing green hue.

Coming in a minimalistic glass bottle, PlantWater refreshes your body while adding an extra spark to your Instagram feed.


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