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A few years ago we embarked on a journey into the Aussie craft beer scene by coming up with the novel idea of reviewing the delicious stuff for the site. The idea was hatched one Friday afternoon when beer, as it so often is at ManSpace HQ, was the topic of discussion.

We wanted to offer Aussie brewers a platform upon which four punters, each with their own beer preference, could share an honest opinion about one or two brews a week. None of us were ‘experts’ but we all enjoyed a tipple, so it was as much of an exploratory exercise as it was enjoyable. We tasted some seriously good brews, engaged in healthy debates and even agreed on some being better off down the drain.

It seemed only natural then, after tasting so many craft beers, that we begin to make our own. And while the original band of amateur reviewers has chopped and changed since the inauguration of In the Drink, one thing has remained among the new recruits: an insatiable obsession with beer.

We looked at various brewing kit before realising none of us had any clue where to begin. We spoke of cooking it up in traditional oversized plastic tubs, baths and stovetops. We dreamt of renting some space at a local brewery. And we investigated various home brew kits available online. Then we discovered BrewArt.

BrewArt is pretty much a home brewer for dummies, which we’re not too proud to admit we are when it comes to making beer. The legends at Coopers describe it as ‘the world’s first fully automated personal brewer, which brings the art, craft and science of brewing together in one elegant unit’.

Further investigation revealed the BrewArt BeerDroid was WiFi compatible, meaning we could monitor our brew via an app, was straightforward to use and easy to clean and maintain. We were sold. Without further ado we ordered a BrewArt BeerDroid and its next of kin, the BrewFlo: a temperature controlled dispenser that doesn’t require CO2 for carbonation.

While an expensive outlay is required for this bit of kit, compared to your traditional home brew tub, it’s an ocean apart in terms of tech, functionality and features.

With that in mind, we implore you to follow us on our journey into the art of brewing with our fancy new kit and boundless enthusiasm and absolutely no idea what we’re doing.


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