Go mango and pineapple (not bananas) with Captain Morgan Tropical


Captain Morgan has released the Captain Morgan Tropical, a mango and pineapple blend of spirit that’s made for vacation vibes or a beautiful punch.

ManSpace magazine was lucky enough to get to try out the Tropical and while I wasn’t the biggest fan of it with soda, it found a very cosy home as the main ingredient for the greatest punch I have ever made.

When paired with soda, its fruity notes don’t get enough time to shine in my opinion. I did see some people enjoying it with other basic mixers, but I had bigger things on my mind.

Sub it out for the main ‘flavoured’ spirit in a punch and it’s an absolute hit on the ol’ buds, both taste buds and good friends.

If it wasn’t already, the Captain has only done himself favours when it comes to parties as the Tropical was an instant hit and the punch was gone before all the guests had arrived (there was five litres of punch…)

So, raise your class (or red cup) to the Captain who has just sorted out your next party. Again.


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