Future Tvna, the new plant-based protein for your pantry


A few of my mates are vegan and some are vegetarians or pescatarians (‘vegequarians’ to me). Because of this, I’ve tried a lot of plant-based foods, I love to have a bite when out for dinner or pick up the latest fake meat (‘feat’, if you will).

Because of this, I jumped on the chance to try the very first fish substitute from Future Farm, vegan tuna, or Future Tvna. Filled with protein and a good source of omega-3, the Tvna is just like the real thing as ready-to-eat right out of the packet.

I made a couple of different tuna melts (Tvna melts) with the fishy protein, which was amazing. My friend threw it over a salad and it worked just like a tin of tuna and my other friend (an actual vegan who could put it to good use) tried it into a toasted sanga.

All these options were great and out of all plant-based meats, this is the most faithful adaptation yet. I cheated a bit and threw some non-vegan mayonnaise in my melt but my friend said it worked in a vegan toastie too.

Using their innovative True Texture Technology, Future Tvna is sold in familiar, flaky chunks so you can swap out your favourite lunchtime protein with ease. 100% plant-based made with Future Farm’s signature blend – soy, bean, and chickpea protein – Future Tvna brings flavour to the forefront with the addition of olive oil, microalgae oil and radish.

“It’s about time we were able to offer a delicious plant-based tuna to those who love fish. Future Tvna also innovates as the brand’s first ready-to-eat, non-frozen fish, and it’s so similar to the real thing that in other markets, it is sold next to regular canned tuna,” Future Farm founder Marcos Leta says.

“As a team, we will keep working on upgrading our technology and products to the point where people won’t recognise what’s animal and what’s of plant origin and we’re very eager to see how the Australian market responds to this continued innovation.”

Additionally, Future Tvna addresses the key issue of overfishing and ocean sustainability across the globe. A known disrupter, a leader of the pro-earth generation, an advocate for clean and green diets, Future Farm wants to help preserve the tremendous biodiversity beneath the surface of our oceans and stop predatory fishing practices. Future Tvna too, is reinventing the way we think about protein.


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