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Just in time for the warmer months, a fresh new, citrusy gin has entered the Australian market, hailing from France. Citadelle Gin is a multi-award-winning spirit that aims to elevate any drinking occasion.

The lovely people at Citadelle were kind enough to send a bottle over to ManSpace magazine and we got to try the gin that we’ll all be sharing this summer.

It’s an extremely fragrant and delicate gin that boasts 19 botanicals including coriander, cumin, nutmeg, liquorice, blackcurrant and orange zest, to name a few. However, the gin is far from complicated, resulting in a simple, delicious tipple.

As Citadelle describes, the first sip should have floral notes before the herbaceous undertones seep through, and lastly, a subtle citrus finish.

It works a treat in a gin & tonic (but hey, don’t most gins) but was surprisingly enjoyable on the rocks. I’m not the biggest straight gin drinker, but the Citadelle Gin was incredible, the second ‘straw that broke the tonic’s back’.

The best way to describe it would be sharp. Instead of hitting you in the face with an alcoholic punch, it’s sharp, light and a great tipple.

The gin is distilled inside the walls of a grand French Château in the Cognac Region, representing a very successful passion project between family. An ode to the world-class Provincial palate, France’s first artisanal gin remains crafted from within Château de Bonbonnet since 1996.

“Empirically I developed this manufacturing method with the conviction that it would produce a gin of better quality. Today, I’m proud to say that my method has been proven and after 25 years of gin research, Citadelle’s excellence is rewarded with a patent,” Citadelle Gin master blender Alexandre Gabriel says.

Testament to the spirit itself, Citadelle has to date acquired many notable mentions in the alcohol space, over 60 awards including: ‘Spirit of The Year’ at The World Spirit Awards 2017, as well as ‘Best Gin In The World’ and ‘Grand Gin Master’.


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