Drinks by the Dram delivers the ultimate spirit tasting kit for all


There are so many new and exciting spirits stocking the shelves from distillers across the country and the world. There are only so many bottles going around but thanks to Drinks by the Dram, you can get your hands on a range of spirits all in neat little sample bottles.

Whether they are alcohol connoisseurs or are still figuring out their go-to drink, Drinks by the Dram has a selection of four gift packs sure to impress.

Drinks by the Dram provides a unique and innovative offering of premium spirits across most growing categories including rum, gin, whiskey and more. Designed to help people find their flavour, each 30ml sample is selected to be a part of a tasting collection that tickles the taste buds.

Drinks by the Dram is highlighting four of its delicious drams for the holiday season, that whiskey and gin lovers could only dream of: the Whiskey Collection, Regions of Scotland Whiskey Tasting Set, That Boutique-y Gin Collection Set and the Retro Gin Fridge Set.

With an assortment of premium fine spirits specifically selected to give your palate the full tour, Drinks by the Dram also delivers on its looks. The unique and premium packaging makes it clear that you’ve gone the extra mile to spoil your mum, dad, partner, or really lucky friend.

Whiskey Collection: Explore the flavours of whiskey

First up, the Whiskey Collection is a beautiful combination of bottles for whiskey lovers looking to sample some of the best tastes in the business from award-winning distilleries and boutique bottlings.

ManSpace magazine was lucky enough to get their hands on the tasting kit and while I didn’t gift mine, I can tell you it’s an excellent thing to receive. The 12 30ml drams of whiskey are some of the best I’ve ever had, all coming in neatly-labelled bottles.

Some notable whiskies include the Aerolite Lyndsay ten-year-old, Green Isle – Blended Scotch Whiskey, and Darkness eight-year-old. The former is a sweet and smoky whiskey with a refreshing menthol character and intense dark chocolate taste, one of the more complex drinks I’ve ever had.

RRP $99.99, available to purchase at Shortys Liquor

That Boutique-y Gin Company Gin Collection Gift Set: A flavourful journey

The Boutique-y Gin Company Gin Collection is truly a tour of all that gin has to offer. Featuring 12 hand-sealed drams of craft gin, this collection is perfect for people who are looking to explore the many different styles and flavours of gin without committing to a whole bottle.

With sweet flavours like pineapple and cherry, as well as unique flavours like cucamelon and honey pomelo, you can experience gin like never before.

That Boutique-y Gin Company also has a gin advent calendar which I’m proud to say didn’t make it until December… But I think you’re supposed to.

It also included an absolute marvel of a gin, a Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Gin Liqueur (read that one again, Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Gin Liqueur). It was the first one I cracked open because wow, I’ve never heard anything like that.

RRP $84.99, available to purchase at Shortys Liquor

If you’ve been searching for the right bottle of booze for your loved ones, don’t settle on just one. Drinks by the Dram makes finding your flavour fun, festive and fantastic. Explore more of the alcohol advent calendars and tasting packs from Drinks by the Dram here.


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