Captain Morgan returns from sea with another Tropical bottle


Captain Morgan has released another tropical spirit with a new Coconut & Watermelon flavour.

Boasting fruity flavours and a refreshing coconut taste, this new bottle is a go-to for those cold winter parties. While the first tropical was perfect for the summer months, this new flavour works all year round.

It comes in a bottle as a spirit or in pre-mixed cans with soda. You can mix it with soda water or if you really like your drinks sweet, throw some lemonade in there and finish it with a lemon wedge.

I haven’t been able to find any cocktails where this drink fits in well since it’s so unique in its own right. Stick to this if you’re looking for a spirit to mix with soda, it won’t let you down.

Although, I did make a wonderful punch with a bottle of the first tropical so I don’t see why the Coconut & Watermelon wouldn’t work in a watermelon-based concoction.

Captain Morgan Tropical Coconut and Watermelon is available now to purchase from all leading liquor stores across Australia. The 700ml (ABV 30%) bottle is $45 (RRP), and 330ml pre-mixed four-pack (ABV 4.5%) is $22 (RRP).


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