Big Drop drops a beefy brown ale


The award-winning non-alcoholic brewery, Big Drop Brewing, has released the Woodcutter Brown Ale, the next full-bodied near beer in a long line of tasty drops.

ManSpace magazine was lucky enough to try out the new beer and it did not disappoint. So much so that I’ve anointed this my new favourite non-alcoholic beer!

I’m not usually a fan of brown ales typically, they’re a bit too far on the bitter side for my liking but this iteration from Big Drop is excellent, maintaining the signature punch and rich colour.

The brewery describes it as a beautiful brown ale that is malt-focused with a toasty aroma and soft grassy notes because of the light use of hops: “The palate is malty with a touch of fruit and caramel. Pair this beer with something hearty like a good beef stew.”

The Woodcutter registers a bitey 17 on the IBU scale, very respectable and when poured, it creates a firm head. Big Drop Brewing sent ahead some wonderful beef jerky and a savoury nut mix which would all be perfect around a campfire or on a long hiking trip.

“The launch of Woodcutter Brown Ale introduces another World Beer Awards World’s Best winner, a title the brew shares with three others from our range,” Big Drop Australia country director Darren West says.

“Akin to English classics like Newcastle Brown Ale or Old Speckled Hen Brown Ale, Woodcutter certainly won’t disappoint.  We’re proud to keep pushing the boundaries to offer a delicious lineup of full flavoured and differentiated craft brews that prove no-alc as more than just a guilt-free alternative.”

If you want to try a non-alcoholic beer that tastes as much like its full-strength counterpart, grab a few cans of the Woodcutter from Big Drop Brewing.


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