The Grove Distillery Gin


Gin-Test-INDEX-copy1995 was the beginning of The Grove. Named because of the owner’s fondness for their previous location, that in years gone by was an Olive Grove. First producing wine and method champenoise sparkling before creating spirit based liqueurs and evolving into the first Distillery in the Margaret River Wine region.

Brewer’s Tasting Notes: The Grove Gin is handcrafted with 6 botanicals and triple distilled in small batches at The Grove Distillery in Wilyabrup, Western Australia. The Grove Dry Gin is made using the finest botanicals and West Australian wheat base spirit which are all organic ingredients.

Style: Gin ABV: 37.5%


Adelle King
Adelle King

"Smooth sailing"

The smell of this gin is methylated spirit strong, which is pretty off-putting. Luckily it doesn’t taste anything like it smells.

It was very smooth and despite the reasonable price there was none of the chemical aftertaste that signals a cheap gin. I drunk it mixed and loved it but based on feedback from the office, it’s also a good one to have neat or in a martini.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely.

Paul Skelton
Paul Skelton

"Sweeping groves of awesome"

There is a really thriving cottage industry of gin distillers in Australia. In fact, the gin market is probably where the Australian whiskey industry was circa 2013. What is feeding this industry are excellent local spirits, and The Grove Distillery's gin is possibly one of the best on the market today.

Where most gins need to be mixed, Grove's drop is rather pleasant straight from the bottle. But mixed it's still a fantastic gin.

The only thing I didn't like was the initial aroma, which was a bit off-putting. Everything else about this gin was on-point and marvelous. And it's cheap!

Would I buy it again? Yeah, I think I'd give it another crack.

Simeon Barut
Simeon Barut

"Novice gin drinker? Here's a good place to start"

The initial whiff of this gin reminded me of methylated spirits and immediately I wasn’t looking forward to the tasting. However, once I added some lemonade and had my first sip, it was smooth and it hit my taste buds in all the right places.

I don’t really know what I’m looking for when it comes to gin but I’m guessing because it didn’t taste like chemicals, that’s a good thing.

Would I buy it again? Sure, why not?