A diplomatic way to spend Earth Day


With Earth Day in the rear-view mirror for 2021, Ron Diplomático Rum, the Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, helped make it more possible, letting us sip in bliss as we drank a responsible rum on a day all about responsibility.

ManSpace magazine was lucky enough to try the bottle out and it was splendid, pouring beautifully on the rocks and also being the star of the show in a number of cocktails.

The Reserva Exclusiva is aged for 12 years and after opening has aromas of orange peel, toffee and liquorice and on tasting, it has notes of toffee fudge for a long-lasting finish. It definitely sits atop my list of favourite rums (or dark rums).

In cocktails, it brings a sweeter element to some of the tried-and-true favourites like an old fashioned but even works with some of the more fruity or sweet cocktails like a Painkiller (a grown-up’s version of a Piña Colada) with coconut cream and pineapple juice.

I didn’t get to try it out in any basics (because someone’s housemates were enjoying it a bit too much) but I’m sure there’s also a very enjoyable middle ground between enjoying the spirit itself and then in cocktails.

Harking back to the start of the article and the impetus for the article, Diplomático Rum does a lot of work to ensure its business is as sustainable as possible and it has even achieved ISO 14001 certification, a recognition for companies delivering on their environmental responsibility.

The company likes to call it “distilled consciously” as the distilling process ensures all waste from the local sugarcane it uses is turned into fertilizer which is used for over 1,000 hectares of sugar cane crops or Buffalo feed, ensuring 100% of its by-product is recycled.

On top of all that, Diplomático Rum says it was able to cut its water usage in half in recent years.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t take 22 April every year to enjoy socially responsible and delicious drinks. The range of Ron Diplomático Rums can be found in a number of Australian bottle shops and stockists.


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